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Planning a Christmas proposal this year?

There’s something undeniably romantic about the Christmas season, so take advantage of the positive feelings and romantic surroundings. This may be the most wonderful time of the year… to get engaged! 

Surprise your fiance-to-be with one of these creative Christmas proposal ideas.

1. Make a Memorable Advent Calendar

You can create an unforgettable Christmas memory when you use an advent calendar as a key part of your proposal. Stock your calendar with traditional small gifts such as sweets and ornaments, but save the engagement ring for the gift to be opened on Christmas day.


2. Invite the Carolers

If you have a flair for the dramatic, this might be the proposal idea for you. Assemble a group of Christmas carolers and prepare them to sing a favourite Christmas song. Flanked by your carolers, knock on your fiance-to-be’s door and start singing. When your beloved opens the door, finish your song and then get down on one knee. The story of this proposal will be told for generations.


3. Create Some Bonbons

Create a set of bonbons to be used at the Christmas lunch, but make one of the crackers extra special. Instead of the traditional corny knock-knock joke, write, “Will you marry me?” And instead of a mini set of playing cards, include a beautiful engagement ring. Just make sure you place the piece in a quality engagement ring box in case it flies across the room.


4. Put Up the Tree Together

It’s easy to create a romantic atmosphere when you’re putting up the Christmas tree. You can have music playing in the background and mugs of hot chocolate ready for sipping. Carefully put the engagement ring in one of the ornament boxes and hand it to her when the time is right. Or, if you’re crafty, paint a bauble with “Will you marry me?” and string the ring on the ornament’s hook.


5. Make Breakfast in Bed

Who doesn’t love the simple gesture of breakfast in bed? Why not make it extra special this year by placing the engagement ring on the tray! This idea is perfect if you’re looking for a private, sweet proposal that will be remembered every Christmas morning.


6. Hide the Ring in a Box in a Box

If you want to build proposal anticipation, don’t hand her a ring box. Instead, give her a large present to open. When the first box is opened, she’ll see a slightly smaller wrapped box inside. You can drag this out as long as you want to if you can find a succession of smaller and smaller boxes. As the boxes get smaller, the excitement (or frustration) will mount until your partner finally sees that sparkler.


7. Write It Out in Lights

Are you looking for a proposal that just can’t be missed? Consider writing it out in Christmas lights. Use strings of lights to write “Will You Marry Me?” out on the front lawn or on a wall, and then show up at the prepared location after a festive day or evening of Christmas fun.


8. Visit a Christmas Tree Farm

Spend a sweet December afternoon at the Christmas tree farm. Enjoy the time picking out a tree together, and when the moment is right, pop the question. It will be a lovely location, and every year when you pick out your tree, you can relive that beautiful day.


9. Plan a Christmas Treasure Hunt

This proposal idea requires some planning and work, but the results can be spectacular. Create a series of clues your beloved will have to decipher to get them from one place to another, ultimately ending where you have created the most romantic atmosphere possible (hopefully including candles, flowers, and twinkle lights, which will make that engagement ring sparkle).


10. Tuck the Ring in a Stocking

Christmas stockings are perfect for small gifts, so your fiance-to-be will not be suspecting that the small box in their stocking is anything unusual. Enjoy a peaceful Christmas morning, and when the time is right, open the stocking gifts. Surprise!


However you decide to propose this Christmas, make sure your engagement ring is insured before it’s ever installed in a Christmas cracker or perched on a tree ornament. With Q Report jewellery insurance, your engagement ring will be protected no matter where you are, so wear it with pride and enjoy it to the fullest. Get an instant quote today.


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