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Admiring a beautifully set fiery diamond is one of life’s great pleasures, and your fiance will certainly love the hand-picked stone you’ve selected. But certain engagement ring styles just don’t suit an active lifestyle.

If your fiance-to-be enjoys activities like rock climbing, working out or even regular gardening in the backyard, some engagement ring styles may not be the ideal choice. For example, a ring with tall prongs can get in the way of some activities, and if the ring must be removed often, you increase the risk of misplacing it.

The answer to this problem is to choose an engagement ring that suits an active lifestyle and then to learn how to take care of it. Fortunately, there are plenty of rings that fit this description.

Let’s start by taking a close look at some of those styles and point out why they’re well-suited for active people.


Ring Styles for Active People


Bezel-set rings are great for active people because the diamond is held securely and completely in its setting. Since there are no prongs in this style, the ring is less likely to get caught in hair and clothes, and its modern styling is perfect for people on the go.

Keep in mind that with a bezel setting, you may not see as much of the diamond as you would if it sat in a prong or basket-set design. But many people think that the added security is well worth this sacrifice.

Infinity Twists

Infinity twist rings offer a great balance of brilliance and security, which can be difficult to come by when you’re looking for a ring for a person with an active lifestyle. The pave diamonds in this style are set low in the band, so they’re less likely to become snagged on anything. If you want a larger centre stone on the ring, consider a round or cushion-cut diamond that doesn’t have sharp corners.

Platinum or Palladium Rings

Don’t forget to consider the metal of the ring as well as the way the stones are set. Some metals are more prone to scratches and wear-and-tear.

If you’re intent on finding a durable engagement ring, your first choice should be platinum. It’s four times more durable than gold, but unfortunately, it’s usually about twice as expensive as well. Platinum can also be difficult to work with, so resizing the ring can be an issue.

Palladium is a more cost-effective option that works well for engagement rings destined for an active lifestyle. It doesn’t work well for fine details like filigree and lots of small stones, but these are generally not the best choices for active people anyway.


Care and Maintenance Techniques for an Active Lifestyle

Jewellery should never keep you from the activities you love, but there are things you can do to make your lifestyle and your beautiful engagement ring more compatible together.

Wear Gloves for Active Work

If you’re going to be working in the garden or using power tools while you wear your ring, ensure you wear work gloves. You’ll keep your ring from becoming scratched or damaged, and you’ll protect your hands at the same time.

Designate a Secure Home for Your Ring

There are some instances when you just shouldn’t wear your ring (like when you’re rock climbing, for example). For times like this, designate a safe spot for your ring, and always, always put your ring there if it’s not on your finger.

People who take their rings off frequently run the risk of misplacing them or leaving them behind. Just make a rule for yourself: if your ring is off, it’s in its safe place.


Insure Your Engagement Ring

The best protection of all for your engagement ring is Q Report jewellery insurance, which can cover the ring from the moment you buy it. With specialised jewellery insurance, you can wear your ring without having to worry about loss, damage or theft, and it will be covered whether you’re in your own home or you’re scuba diving halfway around the world.


Getting an instant quote for ring insurance is simple. Simply fill out this form and discover how affordable it is to cover your ring.


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