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Buying an engagement ring is a big deal, and it’s not something you do every day. Chances are, you’re an expert at shopping for things like shoes, clothes or food.

But jewellery? That’s a different story.

Do you know about how a diamond’s shape affects its durability?

Do you know which metals require ongoing maintenance?

Do you know the 4 Cs and how they affect an engagement ring’s cost?

It’s enough to make your head spin. With the right jeweller, however, you can actually enjoy the process of choosing the perfect engagement ring.

That’s because good jewellers don’t just sell rings. They also help to educate their customers and provide information that will help you to make an excellent decision.

How can you find the right jeweller?


Ask for Recommendations

If you have any friends who have bought engagement rings in recent years, ask about their purchasing experiences. Did they like their jewellers? Have they returned to the jeweller for cleaning or repairs? Do they still feel confident about their purchase? Asking these questions can help you to find a jeweller you can trust.


Google Reviews

If you don’t know anyone who has bought fine jewellery lately, dig into the Google reviews of local jewellers. There you will be able to read about personal experiences with local jewellers and gage a general understanding of their services. A jeweller with 3,000 reviews and an average of 4.7 stars sounds like a safe bet!


Look for a Well-Established Jeweller

A fly-by-night operation might be able to offer low prices, but will they be around to provide follow-up service? If the ring needs to be resized in a few years, will you have to find another jeweller to help you out? Look for a jeweller that has successfully served customers for many years.


Seek Out a Knowledgeable Jeweller

You’re not a jewellery expert so your jeweller will need to fill the expert role. How can you learn whether or not a jeweller is knowledgeable? Go on in and start asking questions. Ask about clarity and cut. Ask about the differences between 18k and 24k gold. A reputable jeweller will be happy to answer your questions and help you to understand the subtler points of engagement rings.


Show Preference for Services

Full-service jewellers don’t just sell the engagement rings. They also design, create, clean and repair them. Many jewellers have graduate gemologists and other educated, certified specialists on hand to answer questions and provide essential services to their customers. If something happens to your ring, wouldn’t you like to be able to return to your family jeweller for repair or replacement? That’s the assurance and benefit of finding the right jeweller.


Diamond Certification

Can you tell the difference between a lab-created diamond and a natural diamond? How many inclusions does the diamond have? If you’re unsure about how to answer these questions, that’s just fine. All you need is to see a diamond’s certification, and you’ll have all the information necessary to make a smart decision.

Reputable jewellers are happy to show you each diamond’s certification and to explain the details to you. Certification provides a third-party evaluation of a stone, usually provided by the Gemological Institute of America, the European Gemological Laboratory or another well-known organisation.


A Selection of Fine Jewellers

As you search for a jeweller, consider visiting a Q Certified Jeweller. These fine jewellers offer customised insurance for the products sold in their stores. You can have your engagement ring covered before you even walk it out of the shop, making sure it’s protected from theft, loss, damage and more.

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