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What does your jewellery collection look like?

  • The bracelet your father gave to you for your graduation
  • The necklace that belonged to your grandmother
  • The precious earrings your sister sent during her trip overseas
  • Your most precious piece: your engagement ring

If these items were all lost tomorrow, would you be able to easily replace them?

Many people wonder if their jewellery is worth enough to insure. Having worked with our clients in their times of distress, we’ve learned that there isn’t a simple, one-size-fits-all equation that can adequately answer this question. We’ve created this post to provide you with a bit of perspective, so you can reach your own conclusion to this very personal question.

We’ll start by reviewing what jewellery insurance covers and then we’ll pose some helpful questions to give you some clarity.


What Jewellery Insurance Covers

You may already have some coverage for your jewellery that comes with your home and contents insurance or travel policy. Home and contents cover, however, can be limited when it comes to your bracelets, rings and necklaces. For instance, your jewellery isn’t always covered when you take it outside of your home. This fact alone severely limits your options for wearing and enjoying your favourite pieces with confidence.

You may also have to use a jeweller designated by your home and contents insurance company if your pieces require repair or replacement. Furthermore, you may not be given the full replacement value.


Given these limitations, it’s wise to compare home and contents cover with specialised jewellery insurance. What can you expect from Q Report cover?

  • An agreed value policy with up to 125% cover for items valued over $5000
  • The option to return to your original jeweller for repair or replacement if you need to claim
  • Immediate cover from the moment you leave the jeweller
  • Comprehensive protection even while you travel overseas
  • A policy backed by world-leader, Chubb Insurance Australia Limited
  • Annual revaluation to ensure you have enough cover
  • Low excess (fixed at $100) if you need to make a claim


With Q Report, your jewellery would be covered from the following types of losses:


Losing a precious piece of jewellery can be devastating, especially when the piece has sentimental value for you. Fortunately, lost pieces can be replaced when they’re covered with Q Report.


Entire jewellery collections can be carried off all at once during burglaries. Again, if the items are covered with specialised jewellery insurance, they can be replaced by the jeweller of your choice.


Much-loved jewellery sometimes requires repair due to the wear-and-tear of everyday life. Whether a stone has fallen out of your ring or a broken clasp has led to the damage of an heirloom pendant, your jewellery can be fixed and made as good as new.


How Valuable is Your Jewellery?

Before considering insurance, think about what your jewellery means to you. If it were lost, would you lose a touchstone to your memories? Would you lose a link to people you love?

While we here at Q Report have a great respect for the sentimental value of jewellery, we also understand the need to use hard-and-fast numbers when making financial decisions. That’s why we’ve created several different insurance products to meet our clients’ needs.

Q Pocket

We know that jewellery doesn’t have to cost tens of thousands of dollars to be valuable, and that’s where Q Pocket comes into play. Covering items worth between $1,000 and $5,000, Q Pocket provides generous benefits for pieces in your collection that have both sentimental and monetary value. With just $100 excess if you lose your jewellery, you’ll have great peace of mind regarding the safety of your collection.

Q Classic

For more expensive items, we’ve created Q Classic, which is designed for pieces valued at $5,001 or more. Again, your jewellery will be covered no matter where it is, and you’ll always be able to return to your chosen jeweller for repairs and replacement. The annual valuation that comes with the policy will help you to know if your coverage is adequate; this is especially helpful for heirloom pieces. 


Why Q?

In the words of our clients, our specialised jewellery cover is “the perfect insurance you can get for jewellery” and “totally hassle-free.” We pride ourselves on providing the best possible customer service because we understand that it can be distressing to suffer a loss, and we strive to make the restoration process as seamless as possible.


Find out how affordable specialised jewellery insurance can be by obtaining an instant online quote today.

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