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Call us sentimental, but we love a timeless engagement ring. Worn year in and year out, engagement rings provide a constant, beautiful reminder of lasting commitments, and if you choose a ring with traditional elements, your ring will always be stylish.

Engagement rings have always followed trends. In the 1910s, lacy, filigree rings were all the rage, Art Deco styles dominated during the 1930s and simpler solitaires ruled during the 1940s and 50s. Interesting diamond cuts like princesses and emeralds trended in the 1970s, and the 1990s saw a preference for marquise diamonds.

Through all the changes and trends, some engagement ring styles retain their classic appeal year in and year out. Three traditional styles that are trending this year include three-stone rings, halo settings and yellow gold. Let’s take a closer look at these timeless trends.


Three-stone Rings

Nothing sends a traditional ring style back into the spotlight like a royal wedding, and that’s exactly what happened to three-stone rings when Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle. Not only do these rings have a lovely, timeless appearance, but they’re also full of meaningful symbolism.

The three stones represent the couple’s past, present and future as they unite their lives. Sometimes the centre stone is larger than the side rings, and sometimes all three stones are the same size.

Markle’s three-stone ring is made of Welsh yellow gold, and the centre diamond is substantially larger than the two flanking stones. Adding to the ring’s symbolism and value, the two smaller stones belonged to his mother Diana’s collection. The larger centre stone was sourced from Botswana, in which Harry considers as his “second home.” Personalised touches like these add meaning to engagement rings.




Halo Settings

First trendy in the 1920s, halo settings have roared back, bringing a touch of vintage sophistication to today’s engagement rings. Halo settings feature centre stones surrounded by several other stones. These halos are typically created in circular or rectangular shapes, but you may also see them in marquise, pears and other fancy shapes.

Because of their surging popularity, halo setting styles are becoming more imaginative and unique. You’ll find lacy halos, floral and geometric halos, and modern, streamlined halos. Some halos encircle traditional colourless diamonds while others surround emeralds, sapphires or rubies.

If you’re looking for an impressively-sized halo, explore fancy shapes like pear-cut, oval or marquise diamonds because they appear larger for their carat weight. Halos surrounding fancy shape diamonds appear substantial on rings, especially on the narrow bands that are popular today.


Yellow gold

White gold and platinum have been the metals of choice for years now, but yellow gold is having a resurgence in popularity, and this is excellent news for people who love traditional engagement rings.

Yellow gold has been the preferred jewellery metal for thousands of years for good reasons. It won’t tarnish, even after generations of wear, and its rich, lustrous sheen provides a stunning backdrop for diamonds and other precious stones.

Yellow gold is edging out the monochromatic rings that have dominated bridal jewellery fashion for the last couple of decades. The most common yellow gold for bridal jewellery is 18k, though you may find rings in 24k, which have a brighter colour since the alloy contains more gold and less of other metals.

Choosing an engagement ring that follows a traditional trend gives you the best of both worlds: an updated look today and a timeless look for tomorrow. When you find that perfect ring, make sure you cover it with Q Report jewellery insurance. We’ll help you to protect that treasured ring from loss, theft and damage. Reach out to us with your questions, and get your free instant quote today.


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